Trees 4 Homes

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Trees 4 Homes is exactly as it sounds as we are a small business partner of the National Forest Foundation which plants trees at one dollar each inside of our national forests. A new home today is in the proximity of 50 mature trees so we are encouraging people to make a gift directly on behalf of their home for the planting of trees.

Trees 4 Homes interprets trees as life in every way from being part of the environment to timber to housing thus completing a journey where all stages give. The trees have created employment, wealth, and a home to be enjoyed for many years to come. Smile and give your home a name before making a donation on its behalf, then share your home’s blessing on social media.

Trees 4 Homes creates an opportunity for builders to reimagine the move-in gift around something that actually matters to the people living inside of the homes. Regardless if a builder uses our platform or not, we hope that everyone can participate in the Trees 4 Homes program as all new home buyers share the same experience of being first.

Green Bear, Gold Bear, and Blue Bear all come from the forest and advocate strongly for the planting of new trees. The Trees 4 Homes campaign is a gift from the present on behalf of the future to bring balance to homes. We ask that any gifts are made online to the National Forest Foundation. Plant it forward to be your best version.

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