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The future is not about waiting for a magnificent solution but rolling up our sleeves and making the present better. If we continue to do all in the exact same manner, it is inevitable that we will get the same results. If we want a better future, transparency will play a much greater role than it does in the present with the world only getting faster.

Transparency For All (TFA) is the belief that we all become better by knowing more at all times. It is impossible for one person to make everyone better but it is possible for one person to make everyone worse by restricting needed information. The world today is only as fast as the source of its data and this requires transparency.

A transparency tool does not mean that everyone sees the same information, in the same manner, it means that everyone sees the same information in a manner that is most relevant to themselves. If a new home is being constructed, how the builder sees the point-of-progress is different from that of the home buyer, agent, lender, and so on.

TFA is the idea of uniting everyone behind the same point-of-progress so that all can understand the bigger picture in seconds. Many of the costs that find their way into a build are the result of time waste. BuildMarker is not just a flashlight around transparency but a spotlight that follows the bouncing ball of progress.

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