The Triangle

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The Triangle is about connecting Washington, California, and Texas as an early priority. What was imagined before as an opportunity to see the country has transformed into an opportunity to create a greater presence in the cloud. The larger aim is not only to engage platform users in The Triangle but to simultaneously build out a new digital culture.

Washington is not California is not Texas and so on and so forth with all living in different realities while practicing different customs but all are connected through shared values. We believe that builders are some of the finest people on earth that love their communities regardless of the flag flying above. All construction is local as are other real things like ballet classes and little leagues.

Relationships are engaged through trust and now that shaking hands while looking another in the eye is frowned upon, we will find another way by becoming more digitally inclined. With our culture targeting positive progress over a number of levels, we intend to bring together a diverse group of people across a full spectrum of perspectives.

Being original leads to a lot of interesting conversations and unique solutions. The Triangle is a big physical geography with no shortage of opportunity, not to mention all the growth residing within the three corners. From East Texas to the Pacific Ocean is where America’s present and future is clearly separating from America’s past. Go West, young men and women.

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