The Culture Series

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The Culture Series is a transplatform beginning. The series is structured as 10 blogs, 10 podcasts, and 10 vlogs in the attempt to highlight different key topics around the building out of the FoundersArmy ecosystem. The series puts forward the landscape of where we are today and how we are building our own unique culture from the beginning.

The King’s Gambit, FoundersArmy, Connecting Dots, Transparency, Keystone Cause, Bohemian Capital, The Triangle, Shoot the Moon, Digital Shine, and Future Founders are the 10 titles inside of The Culture Series. After 5,500 words of blogging, 5 hours of podcasts, and 50 minutes of video recordings the culture becomes real.

The Culture Series invites people into a digital reality where all are encouraged to come as they are and as nobody else. The intent of the series is not to point out the differences between people but to begin implementing a plan for everyone to digitally come together and build something special through a shared experience.

FounderBear can become a modern-day digital Pied Piper or become an example of how disruptive thought and a cartoon bear are bad ideas. All we know for sure is that something will happen. The Culture Series is about people creating a light together that shines across borders and any discriminating factors. The ultimate cool.

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