The 108

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In the Valley of the Gods at the base of the Himalayas in India sits Purkal Village. This village contains an exceptional school that accepts girls with potential from needy and underprivileged families in Uttarakhand. Attached to the school is an embroidery project that employs mothers allowing them to ride the bus together and bring home needed income.

The embroidery program was designed to empower the mothers around their existing skill sets. It is the operators of the program that are important while we are humbly bringing new projects, investment, and opportunity to the relationship. India is a long way from Seattle on a map, but the pillows are evidence that we are much closer in reality.

The 108 is a commissioned work of FounderBear themed throw pillows. There are six uniquely designed series of 18 pillows, all sets having their distinct personality. Each and every pillow is hand-designed, cut, stitched, embroidered, and individually numbered. The 108 were made with love from Purkal’s culture for ours. Thank you, Uttarakhand.

The 108 will be tracked on social media to see each pillow’s ending destination. Like when the rubber duckies got free in the Pacific Ocean and made it beyond what anyone imagined was possible. We are releasing pillows into the current of the cloud.We are releasing the pillows into the current of the cloud which can now be purchased by texting FoundersArmy108 to x81000.

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