Rock the Bear

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To Rock the Bear is to wear the bear. The corporation makes no money from any Drop Shop connected revenue as it is donated in full to the Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Center. The sun bear lives in SE Asia so our journey begins in beautiful Malaysia. As more Drop Shop purchases are made, our intent is to sponsor a sun bear in Borneo and name it FounderBear.

Funds received from merchandise in the Drop Shop will go on to help with treats, food, toys, and more at the sun bear rehabilitation facility for FounderBear & friends. With traction, we intend to expand our efforts behind how FounderBear can create directly through merchandise to create Blue Bear revenue.

Blue Bear wearing shades is the symbol of our culture. The corporation does not profit from the culture and all branded merchandise in the ecosystem is destined for Blue Bear endeavors operated through Gold Bear. As you click buy on a sweatshirt or a sticker in the Drop Shop, it begins a connected chain of events that ends with a happy FounderBear in Borneo eating honey.

Before someone can Rock the Bear, they first have to see the bear on someone which means people being open to a new culture. What begins as a simple shirt with a bear on it wearing shades, is part of a larger journey to assist with the rescue and rehabilitation of sun bears. We are going to begin with the Sun Bear as we begin our larger intent to reach across the eight bear species.

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