Plan 365

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One year. This is the amount of time that we are allowed to hunt the future. A year is an eternity in the world of a tech startup and there is no substitute for early trajectory. The first day begins a year that will include testing, launch, charity, social media, culture, sales, and the pursuit of transparency before ending in a place to start all over again.

Twelve months. This is the amount of time that we are allowed to find traction for the ecosystem and the three bears. Everything begins with the number one. One builder, one house, one cul de sac, one street, one neighborhood, etc. but always one opportunity at a time. It is what we do with that one opportunity each and every time that becomes who we are.

365 days. This is the amount of time that we are allowed to blast the culture forward. The ability to bring people and companies together through a number of social media channels into one digital ecosystem. Self-managed digital relationships are key with customers of all sizes to build stability, consistency, and engagement into a shared future.

8,760 hours. This is the amount of time allotted for the path chosen. There is fire behind us to ensure that only one direction is traveled. Our simple reality is that one moment is one invitation to one person to engage a new culture. The first year is about giving something of value that no one else can, not just an attempt to differentiate on knowledge but on trust.

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