Operation Beds

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Operation Beds is about trying to create physical places for people to sleep and to extend compassion. HomeAid America works to create shelters that are then connected with outside groups to operate them. They have 19 national offices that have combined for 550+ projects or 10,000+ nightly beds, providing for over 335,000 people.

HomeAid is a charity favored by builders where materials and services are donated saving an estimated $125M so far in construction costs. Local builders become captains and lead construction projects that benefit people without beds. There is no greater example of the building industry’s character than the work conducted on a daily basis through HomeAid.

HomeAid also prepares care kits composed of essentials for those without beds. Gold Bear is going to host a dinner series behind an attempt to bring PropTech companies toward the charity when appropriate. Because we don’t know about the dinners, we have also started a Patreon page of FounderMike that will donate all proceeds.

Operation Beds is a promise of simple helping. Life is life and it is really hard meaning that not everyone makes it through standing up. Individual stories of people used to drive the relationship but now the stories are told by statistics. When we don’t have money we give time and when we don’t have time we give money. Please donate and we will do the same.

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