Gold Bear

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Gold Bear identifies solutions through ideas about how to connect acts of helping within the constraints of the larger ecosystem. Gold Bear is tasked with initiating a giving culture to initialize a giving portfolio that is both fun to follow and rewarding to engage. If Green Bear is the mind of the equation, Gold Bear is the heart.

Every year the corporate board votes on one set of causes to directly support from three areas that assist with people, planet, and animals. Our belief is that we only make a difference if we have a plan in place that is both trackable and measurable. For each year and new country entered, we will elect a new set of annual causes to grow our portfolio.

Gold bear’s dream is for a future where new solutions can be used to attack antiquated problems. It is not about trying to replace the people doing the work but empowering them to work faster and smarter. Gold bear will bring the ecosystem a new vision toward corporate metrics that will compose our giving portfolio’s clarity as defined through time, money, and product donations.

The groups selected for our first year are HomeAid America for people, National Forest Foundation for the planet, and the Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Center for animals. Activities will span into a number of areas in the coming year to help from merchandising to donation cheerleading to online events to in-person events when it is safe for attendees.

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