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FoundersArmy is a social contract with all engaged people that the culture makes them a better person. Spending time to share the content you value as it is all about finding that one piece that speaks to you. There are no membership lists or sign-ups so come and go as you please, begin the journey into the culture at your speed. We will be here.

FoundersArmy is the name for the digital culture just as BuildMarker is the name for the digital product. There is no hill to take or an opposing force to defeat but just the intent to connect people and get started as there is a lot to do. The OG3 rules are individual accountability, connected consciousness, and no hero worship which keeps everything simple.

The cloud is home to FoundersArmy allowing us to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. In the cloud, we can be on the other side of the world in one second and back in two. FoundersArmy speaks every language in every dialect as FounderBear speaks symbolism. The motive is the creation of a digital message that creates light in all corners of the world.

Our culture is steeped in peace, love, and prosperity. We intend to create a culture where people across the world can simultaneously engage shared experiences together at once. Someday FounderBear will walk streets beyond Seattle in places such as San Francisco, Santiago, Shanghai, and Sydney while feeling at home in all as part of a borderless culture.

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