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Creators are going to reshape everything in the 20’s as The Lost Generation did a century before. The ’20s are going to be about radically better solutions for business and implementing new trajectories as corporate cultures. There will be a collection of individual creators that breakthrough this decade to collectively change our culture. The Gertrude Stein model.

FounderMike is a caricature of BuildMarker’s founder, Mike. FounderMike is me and not me as he becomes we and we becomes us. The caricature is a way to come through in the ecosystem to create an experience. Digital wildcatting and culture wrangling would be the best descriptions for what defines BuildMarker’s industry.

The caricature exists to push farther and harder for the inches that exist around the ecosystem. My role at BuildMarker Corp is president, chairman of the board, and largest shareholder. All that happens in and around the ecosystem is my responsibility. Please be kind to each other in the digital culture and don’t feed the trolls.

The digital experience is set up to be direct from FounderMike. FounderMike has a day job at BuildMarker unlike FounderBear sitting around eating honey so every email, DM, or text may take some time to respond. My interests are to see happy customers using the platform and people excited to engage in aspects of our culture. The rest will simply solve itself.

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