Culture of Good

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The buy-in for the culture is to do one good thing for another that you would not have done before. No signups, no registration, just that you did your piece to consciously step into a culture of good by doing a small action to make the world around you a better place. Doing this means that you are now Blue Bear.

Regardless of the fact that we are a corporation, the culture helps to bring people together around what they value and what they find interesting. People want to unite around positive progress and Blue Bear simply wants an opportunity to lead people where it is that they already want to go. Blue Bear more than anything connects the disconnected.

The attempt to change culture is not a race or a fad but a long term commitment. The belief that better gets bigger and will continue to do so. A culture offered that people genuinely want to be part of and not about branding or t-shirts but finding a way for FounderBear to mean something. The idea is for the bear to be a reflection of yourself. Then only you are its creator.

Framing a culture of good is about drawing a transparent map for everybody to see. Corporations can do better but people as individuals can do better as well. Just as we all share responsibility for where we are today, we all also share the potential of where it is that we want to go tomorrow. Blue Bear wears shades with an understanding of the destination.

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