Binge the Bear

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To binge the bear is to digitally purge content. No different than trying to find what to watch on Netflix, binging the bear means both clicking and committing one’s way through the linked up ecosystem. In the eco, there lives a new school approach toward not only what a corporation is but what a corporation can become going forward. Welcome to the house of bears.

Binging the bear is not the same for any two people as the content is designed to connect on a person’s vantage instead of treating everybody as one perspective. The bear will represent to some a way to see how business can be communicated while to others the bear signifies a path toward a larger digital culture where they belong. It’s a choose your own adventure story.

Today brands want you to stay tuned every moment for what they have to say next. The binge approach says that you just be yourself and get caught up as you want to around the culture. Our crown has three jewels of green for business, gold for charity, and blue for culture. They travel in the digital world to wherever people in the real world choose to share them online.

The bears range across the online spectrum, physical map, giving landscape, and word-of-mouth markets to create an eco that is all their own. The bears create a visual that can move between worlds seamlessly with a message that changes based on location. When you binge, talk to those around and let the culture assist in shaping quality digital content.

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